Joseph Wei

Advisor and mentor to startups, accelerators, and global organizations in tech innovations.

Joseph advises and consults with VC/CVCs and startups on strategy, partnerships, go to market. He has developed a successful eco-system for Heuristic Capital/Lab360 in accelerating hardware startups. The eco-system includes investors, lawyers, CPAs, largest cloud and technology partners, electrical and industrial design firms, and, outsourced manufacturers, to help support and accelerate the growth of the startups.

Some successful startups from Lab360 portfolio: acquired by Apple raised Series-C raised Series-A raised Series-A

Previously, he consulted with Intellectual Ventures on IP portfolio strategy, and technology/corporate strategy for global tech companies from China, Japan, and the US. He also ran P&L of several new business units with revenue exceeding $500M at Inventec, SGI, NEC, and DEC.

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