Mike Lyons

Chief Executive Officer at RapidAscent, Inc.

Co-Founder Integrated Systems (INTS, merged with WIND, merged with Intel) co-founding CEO, Informed Diagnostics, and SafeView,Inc. sold to L3Harris, General Partner and co-founder, Zilkha Venture Partners, Chairman, FuturePoint Systems. Other Venture Capital: Venture Partner ePlanet Ventures I&II, Paladin Capital Group, LP & Venture Partner, Vanguard Ventures. Sr. Advisory Director Investcorp. Chairman, and co-founder, CypherPath, Inc. sold to ManTech. CEO, Elysian-Global Inc., VA Tech partner.
Adjunct Prof. Stanford School of Engineering since 1988.
Consulting Prof. University of British Colombia Sauder School of Business
25 years Operating Experience, 15 years in Venture Capital

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